Museum of Contemporary Art, Kraków

I recently took a trip to Poland and visited The Museum of Contemporary Art. However, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of work on display. I felt like there was such a waste of space in this gallery and not enough work. However, what we did see was crazy, some really random pieces of work. One being a talking crow on a tree, with the work next to it being a toilet with a pair of tights coming out of it. Think of that what you will. The piece of work I didn’t like at all was a canvas which just had hair stuck to it. This was hair that was taken from the collection of the prisoner’s hair from Auschwitz. I found this piece of work quite distasteful. Along with some other Auschwitz based work, where an artist had created ‘Aushwitz memorabilia’.


The work that stood out the most for me was ‘In-Between’ by Stanisław Dróżdż. The work was originally shown in a space at the Foksal Gallery. Currently, it exists in the form of sketched projects which differ, one from another, only very slightly in measurements. Although the word „between does not appear anywhere as such, we are conscious of it all the time. The artist asks how far the identity of an object can be tampered with so that the object will still remain recognisable. The artist uses the space of the pavilion to create a physical experience which would reflect the „in-between of the title. That which matters can often be found not so much „in, as „in-between.





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