WHEN: 21st March – 28th March
WHERE: The Big Apple, The Concrete Jungle, The Capital of the World, The Empire State, NEW YORK CITY
WHY: New York is the greatest city in the world!

Anyone who knows me know how obsessed I have been with NY since I was like 10 and obsessed with watching Friends. Canvases, 3D posters and postcards over my walls. Even a huge American flag at one point. I loved the idea of living in New York, however – one problem, I had never been. SO, when this oppurtunity arose, there was NO WAY, I was missing it! I was very very poor after paying off the cost of the trip and after saving spending money but it was SOOOO WORTH IT!

After lots of mental preparation (and tears and deep breaths) for my first long haul flight. A few bottles of wine and beer on the flight and we were soooo excited we were on our way!


We arrived at the YMCA Hostel at like 9pm, we were shattered but theres no way we were wasting the first night, so Rachael, Bryony, Stephen and Brian and I walked the 10 blocks to Times Square. Ooooooh it was incredible!!! (It didn’t hit me that I was in New York yet though!


I wont bore y’all with in depth day to day doings but we literally rammed in so much and filled every hour!

We had some awesome planned activities that were arranged by our tutors and then loads of free time! One of the best things was our talk with Elinor Carucci. I already did a post on this so you can check it out here! She is one of my favourite photographers and truly appreciated this experience!

We had a talk arranged with curator Susan Bright at the SVA. This was really interesting to listen to as I had never heard anything about curating before, especially from someone in that career. It made me realise how I would love to gain experience in curating as it sounded like something I would enjoy. It also made me want to publish a book!

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 23.04.53 Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 23.05.06

Another arranged activity was visiting Aperture Gallery on West 27th Street. The exhibition we were looking round was ‘The Chinese Photobook’. This was a very different exhibition to something I have ever seen but really opened by eyes to Chinese History. This was curated by Martin Parr and Wassink Lundgren and is based on a collection that the two photographers had compiled. The selection of photobooks on show includes work published as early as 1900. It was such a huge exhibition which so much to read and look at! I learnt so much and really sparked an interest in Chinese history.

The woman who welcomed us into the gallery and showed us round was an intern from Texas and she spoke briefly about the internships that Aperture Gallery has to offer. It is something I definitely would consider.

IMG_7246 IMG_7250 IMG_7245

Some of my favourite things we did in New York:

  • Visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum with Ell, Rachael and Bryony
    A very moving experience – so surreal. Some of the objects on display in the museum is just overwhelming.
  • Visited the Empire State Building and paid $55 to visit the 102nd floor with Rachael and Bryony
    The view from the 86th Floor and 102nd floor were both very similar but we wanted to do everything to it’s maximum because ‘we were in New York’ 🙂
  • Saw ‘Wicked’ on Broadway with Rachael, Ell and Bryony.
    One of the most incredible things I have ever seen – It has been on my bucket list some time so I am so happy I got this experience
  • Also on my bucketlist is to see an American Basketball Game and to also see something at Madison Square Garden – so seeing the New York Nicks play at their home court enabled me to tick off two things! It was incredible! Madison Square Garden wasn’t as big as I thought though! Knicks 80 LA Clippers 111
  • Going up to The Top of The Rock with Rachael and Bryony
    This was on the morning before we left so was such a lovely way to spend our last morning
  • Walked through Central Park and saw the Alice in Wonderland Statue!!!
  • Getting the subway to Brooklyn and then waaaay south of Brooklyn to Coney Island was something totally different but really fun! The amusement park itself was shut but it didn’t phase us, as we were so excited about the photo opportunities. We were a bit on edge walking around Brooklyn, and also got chatting to a really friendly guy who was working on fixing up a ride and he told us to be extra careful because ‘because like to steal around here’
  • Went in Grand Central Station Terminal!!
    My ‘OMG I’m in New York Moment’ It was literally just how I thought it would be!!
  • Visited the MoMa and saw Monet’s Water Lillies and Van Gogh’s Starry Night!!!
    It was awesome seeing so many artists work who I have recently just finished studying in my History of Contemporary Art Module in Madrid.
  • There is sooooo much we did but I’d be going on forever!
  • IMG_7453 IMG_7419 IMG_7389 IMG_7380 IMG_7354 IMG_7352 IMG_7336 IMG_7320 IMG_7314 Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset IMG_7268 IMG_7216 IMG_7184 IMG_7182 IMG_7146

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