201MC Reflection

201MC Reflection Video



When I first received this project brief, I knew straight away what kind of experience I wanted. I wanted to try and get some experience in photojournalism, as well as trying other things. I have wanted to pursue a career in photojournalism for some time now so I thought this would be the best opportunity to try it for myself to make sure I want to continue down this path. I emailed a variety of different newspapers and magazines but was yet to hear back from any and I soon began to worry. I then heard back from Jeremy Ransome, the editor of The Spalding Guardian and Lincolnshire Free Press. He was more than willing to help.


This first placement took place at The Spalding Guardian, after a meeting with the editor, who gave me a small project on. I was asked to document my home town over the Christmas period, which would then be published in The Spalding Guardian, the newspaper for my hometown.

This placement gave me such a confidence boost and made me feel really proud at the fact my work would be seen by thousands of people who bought the newspaper. This was something I loved and it made me realise I want to continue this field of work, and work for bigger tabloids.

Gaining the experience I wanted, it has made me more determined to pursue my dream career path. Combined with the placement trip I took to Moscow, which I will talk about shortly, I now know that I would love to travel the world, working on projects both freelance and for tabloids.


Working for The Spalding Guardian has been really useful as it has given me a connections I need for future work. The editor Jeremy has told me to keep in touch and he can give me some work when I need it, which is great news.


Something that this experience has allowed me to improve on is the fact that it has allowed me to get my work out there more. Something I had never had the chance at doing.


I am really pleased I took this placement overall. I got to do exactly what I wanted, and realise that this really is the career for me.


My second placement took place at Coventry University. I was asked by my Photography Tutor, Caroline Molloy If I would be willing to do some student mentoring for the first years. I remember last year, two second year students did the same and I thought to myself I would love to give that a go, so I was really pleased when Caroline asked me. This also made me feel confident as it showed that she trusted me. I ran 2 studio workshops and assisted an outdoor workshop. I was so nervous, but the students were really friendly and once I started, I felt within my comfort zone.


This placement really gave me a confidence boost and made me feel really good that the knowledge I was passing on, were skills that the first years would remember for life.


I really enjoyed these mentoring sessions, and it made me question as to whether this was something I would love to pursue a career in. I even thought to myself that I could do something like this once I have finished with photojournalism.


After giving these sessions, I feel like I could definitely do it again during my university experience. Caroline and Jon Legge were really helpful for this part of my professional experience and if a similar thing is needed soon, then I would consider this role again.


Due to making lessons plans, and discussing what we were to be doing in advance, I felt like these sessions went really well. The students picked up the skills really quick, which meant I could allow them to experiment more and I would only need to assist. It was really rewarding  teaching such important photographic skills. The only thing I felt  that let me down were my nerves during the first session. I was worried that the lack of confidence in myself may have reflected onto the students.


My last placement was something I was really looking forward to. We were told in November about a trip to Moscow. This would be for 5 nights and whilst on this trip, we were to produce work for this module.  I knew I wanted to agree to this trip, as travelling and creating a project was something I was really passionate about. After this trip, we were to make sure we exhibited our work in one way or another. I had ideas of creating a book.


This placement was something I really enjoyed as it allowed me to work with other students, experience a new culture and see different things, all whilst working on a photographic project.
I spent a long time researching into Moscow and looking at the possibilities of different things I could focus on. In the end, I wanted to focus on the Russian Orthodox Churches and the culture there as there was so much I could work with and with the history behind it, I knew I wouldn’t be stuck.


Like my first placement, it has made me more determined to get out there and create global projects for everyone to see. My initial life goals haven’t changed, but I am feeling much more passionate about what I want to achieve in life.


This trip has made me think about different places of interest I could visit independently to create a freelance project. I now have plans for the summer to visit Turkey and Sweden to see what work I can produce there.


I was really pleased with my 3 placements that I took. They all had their similarities and their differences. My main goal for this project was to work out what I wanted to do for the future and to take placements which would allow me to realise what I wanted to do.

My placements that I took have definitely given me the realisation of my future career goals. I am still ambitious about pursuing a career in photojournalism as I feel informing others globally of something, through my photography would be the most rewarding thing I could do.


During this module, my work was seen by many. My work with The Spalding Guardian was published for thousands to see. I also created an e-book with my imagery from Moscow, so this gives other the opportunity to see what I did out there.


Through this module, my confidence has definitely improved and I can thank Caroline Molloy for that. I also feel much more confidence about putting my work out there now. I have also been able to update my CV and it now has much more experience on it.



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