Picbod Final Assignment/LOs

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 15.53.15


We were given a few learning objectives to complete which would ensure we did the best we could. I have simply made note of these to make sure I am completing the brief to my full potential.


LO1 Take primary responsibility for the research and development of a sustained body of self-guided 
photographic work. 
– How have you sourced your own research / used it as a stimuli / how have weekly tasks or test shoots 
influenced your final artefact / how have you thought critically about your various outputs?

  • Using research to influence ideas i.e Julian Germain
  • Referring back to the weekly tasks i.e The tribe
  • Being critical about final work to help settle on final set and display


LO2 Apply a breadth and depth of photographic skills and knowledge to the creation and production of a technically proficient project. 
– Both in terms of your digital and physical artefact – how have your choices supported what you want to say? 
What various skills have you used in production?

  • Using a variety of skills such as film and digital
  • Scanning these in, and photoshop skills.
  • Wanting to capture what I intended to. i.e what makes my Grandmother happy


LO3 Use informed techniques to understand the principles necessary to visually communicate their own practice within a professional context. 
– This is all about communicating your message within an exhibition setting – how well have you responded 
to the brief? Is your idea or concept well thought through and executed in an appropriate way?

  • Lens based
  • Pictures the body


LO4 Plan, organise and manage a photographic shoot to an appropriate professional standard.

– Not so much a shoot as that does not apply to everyone but how have you worked to a professional 
standard throughout the module including your artefacts

  • Doing weekly tasks on time
  • Informing those affected of a plan
  • Keeping research up to date as a guidance for shoots



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