PICBOD Evaluation/Critical Reflection

With this module, I had been looking forward to it for a few months, so I was ready to get started straight away and see what was on offer after hearing such good things from older students. I was also slightly apprehensive as I had never really delved this deep with portraiture and photographing others before, so I was looking forward to the challenge. I am glad I gave it a shot as I feel I have learnt skills that I wouldn’t have had the chance to in another module. I have gained much more confidence when working with others, which is such a positive factor.The first lecture we had, by Dr Adrienne Evans was so enthusiastic, it was a great way to grab everybody’s attention for the rest of the module.
I think I have used my time wisely with this module, I have managed to get each weekly task done with a few days to spare, and send off my final prints a week before the deadline. This was very refreshing as it meant I wasn’t rushing around, panicing that I had missed anything off.
One thing I think I have done when in on this module is my research as I have included a bit more than what I have done in previous modules. I also managed to refer back to the weekly tasks for inspiration when it came to my final shoot. Something that I think I could work harder on, is more risk taking and more development. I think this is something quite important, and I haven’t shown much of it in this project. If I was to rework this module, this is something I would definitely work on and aim to in future modules.

I think I have worked really well with this brief as I believe I have stuck to my initial intentions of exploring what it is that makes my Nanny happy and showing this through photography. It is a shame that she lives far away as I would have loved to have spent  a few days with her to capture more, as opposed to a few hours. However, I was really pleased with the shoot and she was really co-operative which helped.

With my final video, I would say i’m about 70% happy with it. Mainly because of the music choice, I feel it is a big negative for the theme behind the imagery and contradicts it a bit. I understand this is not a good thing, however, my intentions were to go with my Nanny’s favourite music, and this is what she chose. I always associate this song with my Nanny, so I fear that when other people watch my video, they may not be able to relate as I can, yet they will still understand the connection.
After the exhibition, I would love to make a book out of my final images, I am going to discuss with my Nanny about taking this project further as I am so pleased with my final imagery, I believe that this is just the beginning of something more long term.

I was part of the curation team, and I believe we worked very well as a team as we all go on very well. We were prompt with what we needed to get done and we were very informative to the others. However, it was tricky when people didn’t always co-operate with us, yet I think we made it work.


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