252MC – Knowledge is Power

‘Knowledge is Power’ – Sir Francis Bacon

How do we know what information we can trust?

Governments (especially in war time) have whole phalanxes of people dedicating themselves to obfuscation, trickery, propaganda and lies.

  • Advertisers create illusions
  • Activists spam
  • Conspiracy theorists incessantly doom-monger (often without facts to back them up)
  • So many hoaxes out there


Everyone was lead to believe that this girl set herself on fire accidentally. With no idea that popular American TV Presenter Jimmy Kimmel was behind it the whole time.

Kim Jong Un – Sexiest Male

more hoaxes found here

How have people responded to being under surveillance? 
Such high quality resolution images can identify people. Even the police at the scene hide their badge numbers to avoid being identified. Why though?

Journalists are now using social media as a way of finding their stories.
We are now being updated by citizen journalists just as much as what we are by the professionals

We’re the first generation that actually have to think about our opinions and uploading them on to social media sites.





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