#Picbod Introduction

#Picbod14 251MC
Picbod on Google+ is linked to moodle and picbod.org

These ten weeks are structured to address complex aesthetic creative and technical issues along with the visual messages associated with the photographic encounter with the body.

  • One main assignment
  • Weekly tasks for 5 weeks (mandatory)
  • Alternative task (compulsory)
  • Exploring Relationships with other people
  • Exploring identity with our body and others
  • Empowering the subject. Not take pictures of people, but making images with them


  • Picbod is an open class that requires active engagement
  • Weekly assignments should be up on blog. Link work to blog, but don’t post images on community.
  • Receive feedback everywhere. Work must be printed. Basic laserjet prints.


Guest Speakers

  • Anthony Luvera
  • Dr. AD Evans
  • Jennifer Pattinson
  • Jonathan Worth

Technical Workshops
to be held by

  • Matt Johnston
  • John Legg

Final Assignment

  • High quality
  • Considered piece of work
  • Presentation. Why? Is it supporting your image?
  • Lens based. Challenge the traditional interpretations od photographic practice
  • Digital and physical
  • Final exhibition will be both physical and digital. Both environments will need to be considered.


Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 20.38.42


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