250MC – Group Work

As part of 250MC, we have been divided into groups of four. Within these groups we are to research a social network and present how these can be used as a research tool. I am working with, Jack Dyche, Anna Roche and Meg Fallowfield. Our assigned social network is WikiSpaces.

We are to use Google Docs as a way of exchanging information and work that each individual has done.


I hadn’t heard of WikiSpaces before I was given this task, but so far I have learnt the following.

  • Used primarily to share information
  • A Web based community
  • Founded in 2005
  • A user can search a term to find specific information

We were to create a presentation explaining how WikiSpaces is used and whether it can be used as a research tool or not, to then show this to the class.


In our groups, as part of 250MC – Site Specific tasks, we have been paired up with a group of 3 from Universidad Europea de Madrid. We have been given the topic ‘Scholarly Establishments’. With this, we decided to educate our cohorts about our university. We created a short documentary explaining a bit about different parts of Coventry University.

Google Docs

We all contributed to a Google Doc. Here we posted our work from workshops, our wikispaces research, our OIL work and other various things related to 250MC.


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