250MC – Essay progress

We had the following essay titles to chose from.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 21.27.26

I have chosen to work around ‘Using examples to substantiate your argument, discuss some of the problems of a photographer may encounter as a documentary photographer’

My reason for this, Documentary Photography is something that I am very interested in. I feel that writing about this, will help expand my knowledge within my keen area.

I have took out the following books to aid me in this assignment,

Photography: Essays & Images
Beaumont Newhall

Photography: A Critical Introduction
Liz Wells

Documentary Dilemmas

Documentary Photography: A Personal View
Bill Owens

Bending the Frame
Fred Ritchin

Newsnight June 2009 (DVD)

The points I included in my essay were the following: (all of them being problems a documentary photographer will encounter’

  • The struggle behind believing an image or not. 
    Is the image we see true? and how do we know? I will go into details of the use of manipulation also with evidence from Dorothea Lange and Roger Fenton
  • How hard it is to get into/getting published etc
    Using Bill Owens as an example, I will discuss the difficulties of this field and getting into it. 
  • The problem of others being able to take photos however, whereever and whenever they want.
    What makes a professional documentary photographers work different to a citizens. Using examples from Alexander Chadwick and information from The Huffington Post

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