Ou Mei, a 45-year-old female migrant construction worker, shields her face from dust during a shift at a residential construction site in Shanghai. According to data from the World Bank, 68% of China’s female population aged 15 and above participate in the labour force, compared with 58% in the United States, 51% in France and 53% in Germany

This image stood out for me due to the colour of the main subject. The woman stands in the centre of the frame in brightly coloured clothing against the dusty background. It’s aspects like this which really make an image stand out and appeal to the viewer! The dusty background also created a slightly out of focus effect, drawing the woman in closer.


A bank worker watches from a window as Occupy Wall Street protesters march in New York. The populist movement marked its second anniversary with a protest near the New York Stock Exchange

I picked this photo out this week due to the slight humour to it. I don’t think this is intentional for the photographer, but it’s a factor I found to the image. The irony of the anti-consumerism signs in the foreground with the bank worker watching over gives a slight message to the image. The bank work is looking down at those who are protesting, which represents real day consumerism.


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