Summer Work: Task 1

Task 1
Building on this terms brief and in preparation for next terms classes you need to
make 2 portraits. You can interpret this as broad as you like, but there are 2
stipulations. One portrait must be of a person you know well and one portrait
must be of someone you do not know.
Consider how you will approach this brief. Have you approached each portrait
differently? What is important in the portrait and how are you going to represent
On your blog write a 300word reflection (not description) that discusses how
you approached making/creating the portraits. You can use, whatever medium
you choose to make these images (analogue or digital). You will need to present
and discuss your portraits to the group.

For this task, I was really hoping to get some interesting portraits whilst I was travelling as I knew I would come across so many different people from a variety of European cities.

I began by shooting just portraits of those I didn’t know to see if these would take me anywhere. These 4 portraits show people naturally. They are all doing their own thing.

DSC_0198 DSC_0111 DSC_0188 DSC_0186

However, with these, I felt like they didn’t have much experimentation or much of a story behind them so I spent the rest of my trip thinking what else I could work with!

Toward the end of my trip, I stayed in Paris for 5 nights. Whilst here, Emily and myself went to a McDonalds for a snack. Next to us was an elderly man with his laptop, some photographs spread out on the table and some notes. I was intrigued as to what he was upto. After a few minutes he turned to us for some help. He wanted to write a sentence in English and wanted our clarification that he had translated what he wanted to say correctly. We helped him with a sentence about tennis player Serena WIlliams. He was writing a statement about how beautiful she was. He then went on to tell us why. He told us how he had created an anti-racism campaign which involved many sportsmen and woman who he had met. With each person he met, he would have them hold a sign with a slogan on and have his photo taken with them. He also had these images printed on tshirts, one of which he was wearing at the time. He told me his name, ‘Alberto Filipe’ and told me to add him on Facebook for more information if I wanted to.

He had also featured in some newspaper articles which he showed us.

IMG_5653 IMG_5654

the following are photos that Filipe uses for his campaign.












I936536_697238233636252_250259571_n 544485_697238113636264_703558924_n



I thought after speaking to him for an hour or so, this would be a perfect subject for my portraits of someone that I didn’t know. I asked him to show me some of his favourite photographs and have me take a photo of him holding them. He was more than happy to be involved in this.

DSC_0084 DSC_0071 DSC_0072 DSC_0073 DSC_0074 DSC_0075 DSC_0076 DSC_0077 DSC_0078 DSC_0079 DSC_0080 DSC_0081 DSC_0082 DSC_0083

Below is a statement by Filipe himself that he has written on his profile:

This initiative for a better conviviality between all of us, and for a better world where no 
one die of hunger, started en Cadiz, a town in the south of Spain, on february 25, 2005.

At that date the football-player from Barcelona team, Samuel Eto’o, was victim of an action of racism because his colour skin. This inadmissible fact gave me the idea for the following message.

Black is Beautiful
But the goals scored by Eto’o
Are even more beautiful.
And that’s what’s worth.

In fact what’s worth is what a man, or a woman, is able to bring to other people; each one at his level, no matter if his skin is black, white, yellow or red. Eto’o gives us a lot a pleasure with his game and with the beautiful goals he scores and that’s what’s worth.

Everyone, with his job, brings his participation in order that the whole society run properly. He did his duty and that’s what’s worth.

This is a clear claim to be considered through our acts and not through the colour of skin, the religion, ethnic origin or through any other difference whatever it is. On the other hand this differencies doesn’t mean we are differents for we all belong to the same species, the human being one..

My purpose is a fighting against the die of hunger and against racism.

Here are my messages for a better conviavility between all of us 

Black is Beautiful
But the goals scored
By Eto’o, Kanouté, Shlomo and Raja
Are even more beautiful.
And that’s what’s worth.

White is Beautiful
But the goals scored
By Beckham, Zidane and Benayoun
Are even more beautiful.
And that’s what’s worth.

Yellow is Beautiful
But the goals scored 
By Deng Zhuoxiang and Honda Keisuke
Are even more beautiful.
And thatì’s what’s worth.

Red is Beautiful
But Jeronimo’s purpose
Is even more beautiful.
And that’s what’s worth.

Sportmen in these messages belong to the four races and to the principals religions of the world : Jew, Christian, Moslem, Buddhism and Hindu. Jeronimo is an animiste.

You will see the panels with the message in all the pictures I took with Princes, Heads of States, Ministers, Singers, Artists, Journalists, Writers, Sportings, all of them women and men, and I haven’t forgotten the “Flamenco world”, neither Religious Personalities :

– Ala Eldin Mohamed El Ghobaisshy, Imam of the Great Mosque of Rome.
– Riccardo di Segni, Great Rabbi of Rome.
– Cardinal Fabio Bernardo d’Onorio, Archivescovo de la Citta di Gaeta, in Roma
– Cardinal Armando Martin, vescovo de di Bacabal Maranhan, Brasil, in Castelgandolfo, Italia.
– Cardinal Bernard Barsi, Archivescovo de Monaco, in Monaco.
– Switzerland gards, in Vaticano.

However I didn’t get to take the picture with the Pope Benedito XVI but I am going back to Rome and this ttime I am going to take the picture with both of Popes, Benedito XVI and Francisco !st.

In all the panels you see the Cadiz C.F. label (football) and this because the idea was borned in that town which is situated in the South of Spain. By the way I am a “Gaditano of adoption”.Latter on the idea matured in Paris that’s why my Revolution for a better world has got the name of :

” The Gadiparisienne Revolution”.

My plan for a better world contains 3 parts :

1)- I ask to all the Leaders of all the Countries to dedicate 10% of the army budget (Which is money used to kill each other, mainly the good people, the workers) to dig wells of watter in the Countries where humen being die for lack of food.

“Watter is Life”, with it we can cultivate the land and have animals. This people will be very pleased if they could have watter to drink and to cultivate some vegetables and have just a little bit of meat from time to time.. Every year millions of people die for lack of water and food and, among them, one million are children. We must put an end to this inacceptable crime against humen being of which each one of us has got his part of responsability.

A very old chinese proverb, full of sens, says :

– If you give him a fish he will eat one day.
– If you give him what’s he needs to fish, he will eat every day.

2)- I ask to people, who practice any sport, to make, through their associations, T-shirts with their image and the message for a better conviviality between all of us, in which they include their name. I am sure all their fans will buy it. The selling of the T-shirt will be to dig wells of watter in the Countries where humen being die for lack of food.

I am also asking singers to make T-shirts, and more than that, a song with the message. Artists, writers and others must join this fighting for a better world, with more humanity and more justice.

I must point out that the profit of the selling of T-shirts and records will be to dig wells but the price that this T-shirts and records cost will remain in the cash in order to make another T-shirt and record. So that he person will invest one only sum and that’s all we ask him. Later on if he is in need of money we shall refund him all the amount.

With this system workers of every Country will participate and they will feel a human solidarity sentiment, an union between workers all through the world will born and so we are going to help humen being who die for lack of food and we can also help others poors people who have no home, no medical attention, no employment etc…

We have to extend this project all over the world and that’s how we workers can have a certain economic power that will allow us to help ours brothers all through the world. Of course we can’t help everyone for we have not enough for. But this
will be a counterweight in front of those who rule us and also in front of too much rich people. In fact they will feel forced to take attention at our determination for a better world, more juste, more human.

One of the mains consequences will be that when a Governor would like to make war people of the two Countries, according to their common cooperation, their solidarity and brotherhood, will refuse to fight. So we shall spend much less money with weapons that cost a great fortune. All this great amount of money will be used in the economic circuit and we will have a better life.

This human project, when realized at a mondial scale is, in fact, a pacific Revolution, and we have to perpetuate it from a generation to another generation, for ever. A great Revolution once for ever doesn’t go too far because at the end some people, always the same, come back and begin again to manipulate the good people. We have to maintain our popular action at a mondial scale, from one generation to another, for ever.

In every Country you find people always ready to help other people. They do it for nothing, they are not interessed in money. Money is not their principal purpose in life. Generally this people are retired or if they work they give a part time to help through associations what’s purpose is only to give a hand to those who are in need; they don’t make profits. This people, womem and men, of a strong willingness, all together, are those able to make a better world. Sportings, singers,artists, all of them famous, should give money to this people to make T-shirts and records.

3)- The following chapter is very, very important for my work for a better world.

First of all remember that there is one only GOD, the same for all of us.

I ask to the Heads of all the Religions that, all together, they declare that my project of T-shirts and records to fight against the die from hunger, on digging wells of water, is a very pleasant purpose in front of GOD and that, at the same time they invite the believers to buy the T-shirts and records. The Heads of all the Religions, together, will have a mondial audience and without no doubt, believers, all around the world will be millions to buy T-shirts and records. The price could be from 15 to 20 euros. Hundred of millions of believers, from all the Religions, can afford to spend such amount.

The message with religious people is more beautiful for it says :

” and, in front of GOD, that’s what’s worth.”

Black is Beautiful
But the goals scored
By Eto’o, Kanouté, Shlomo and Raja
Are even more Beautiful.
And, in front of GOD, that’s what’s worth.

The same message with White, Yellow and Red.

Alberto FILIPE

The Don Quichote for ever’

From my portraits of Filipe, I then began thinking what I could photograph for my second portrait. I thought about friends I have who are mixed race and thought this would tie in really well. I was really pleased with how this idea was panning out as I didn’t want to just photograph two people with no link. I spoke to my friend Alicia who is part Jamaican, and asked if she would mind being involved. She was more than happy to help! Using one of Filipe’s slogans, I got Alicia to hold a sign, just like Filipe asks the people in his photographs. I thought this would work well as it’s another reason the images link together. Another reason I chose to photograph Alicia is due to the fact that she is one of the happiest people I know. Alicia is a very positive person, always happy and with a smile on her face. I thought this was good as hopefully the positivity would shine through in the photographs.

In Filipe’s photographs, the location of the images are always somewhere related to the sportsman featured. So to link with this, I decided to photograph Alicia outside her house as it is a location she can relate to. The following is my contact sheet.


The following are my images which I think are the strongest.

DSC_0247 DSC_0246 DSC_0245 DSC_0241 DSC_0239 DSC_0235

Final images:

I looked at the images I had to work from and thought about which were best. The following two stood out most for me. Reasons being, they look best aesthetically. They are in focus, the main subjects are noticeable, the natural lighting works well and the framing is also on form.

final filipe

final alicia


One thing I didn’t want to do with this task is just have a photo of someone I know, and a random snapshot of someone on the street just to say that I had done it. I wanted to show that I had taken an interest into the stranger and that I wanted a strong connection with my two images. This I think I have done.

I am really pleased I plucked up the courage to ask Alberto Filipe if I could take his photo as I think this idea has worked out really well. It was a great starting point and I believe this task has been really successful due to the fact my images are so tied in with each other. There is meaning and a story behind them.

I feel really lucky that both of the people in my portraits were really easy to work with as this really helps with a project, as it is less of a struggle trying to figure out what to photograph, who to photograph and how.

One thing I think I could have improved on was being more risky with my photographs. I have been told this in feedback many times and I feel like I didn’t try hard enough with experimenting with my models. The photos of Alberto, are not perfect but I feel like they still work. At the time I didn’t want to spend too long taking his photos or asking him to do different things as I didn’t want to waste and of his time, as he seemed busy. With Alicia, I think the photos are really good, however, I could have tried a few more on a different location aswell to see which worked better.

For future projects, I am going to make sure I am always thinking at the time, what could be done better, take more risks. I feel this will really benefit me with my work.


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