A tree frog clutches a leaf angled towards the rain for shelter as it sits on a plant in Jember, East Java. It held on to the stem for at least 30 minutes during the rainstorm

This photo is one of my favourites this week due to the comedy factor. It shows that frogs also have common knowledge of the smallest things, like keeping dry in the rain. It’s great because the expression on his face, he looks so satisfied with himself. The water really enhances the colours in this image, and allow the light to show off more, as this can be reflected off each drop. How the photographer has managed to create the slight lines as the rain falls down works really well as these are slightly more in focus as opposed to the blurred background. With such vibrant colours used, this is such a positive photograph.

In a picture taken with an underwater camera Mexico’s Ivan Garcia and German Sanchez compete in the men’s 10m synchro platform event in Barcelona

The reason this is one of my favourite photographs is because with diving, you are used to seeing it from the same angle, and with the photographs taken, they are usually taken from the side or in front. So this image allows us to see from another perspective.


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