A member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a supporter of Morsi shows a spent shell after clashes around Cairo University

This image really stood out for me because I love use of depth of field. This image is pretty much perfect. Not only does the use of depth of field work well, the colours do also. Even still with a variety of colours in the background, this doesn’t distract you from the shell which is the only thing in focus. It’s great how the shell is perfect, it allows it to be the first thing you notice in the image.

In the Tour de France, the cyclists of the team ride during the 25km team time-trial in Nice, French Riviera

I love this photo because I was in Nice at the time of the Tour de France and it’s brilliant seeing a photo of a place you have been. I love the fact that the photographer has gone about this image with a tilt-shift sort of style. This allows you to focus on the cyclists which are the most important part of the image. It also creates a miniature effect which you don’t get with most images.

Firefighters tackle a large blaze at a recycling centre in Smethwick, near Birmingham, in the UK. The blaze was suspected to have started when a Chinese lantern drifted into the centre which holds 100,000 tonnes of recycled paper and plastic

This image stood out for me due to how strong it is. The silhouettes created of the firefighters allow them to really stand out against the flames in the background. It is a very dark image and the light from the flames is gradually reflecting into the foreground and lighting up parts there. I love this image due to the eeriness and the variety of tones used. Considering just two colours have been used, the photographer has managed to capture as many tones as possible to make this photograph an exciting one.



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