Tristram Kenton photographed the English National Ballet performing the Derek Deane production of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall

The reason this photo stood out for me is because I really enjoy watching Ballet. Not only is it a photo of something which interests me, I like how the photographer has used the stage lighting to light this photograph. It has created a soft image with a variety of tones of blue. This gradients lighter towards the centre which is then worked in with the tutus. This works really well as the main dancer in the middle is the main focus due to the framing, and the lighting.


Tens of thousands of Germans, Hungarians and Czechs were evacuated from their homes this week in the region’s worst floods in a decade. In this graphic aerial shot by Thomas Peter, a garden with a swimming pool is surrounded by water from the Elbe river in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

This was my favourite photo this week. Reason being, It took me a few seconds to realise what the photo was of. At first, I thought it was an aerial view of a miniature set up of some sort. It doesn’t look 100% real. However, it is infact an aerial view of a flood. Photos like this excite me as it really gets you thinking and wanting to look closer!


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