Task 3: Final Portraits of Shelbi

The images below are my two final portraits which I am going to submit as part of 152MC.







The reason I have chosen these two images is because they both show Shelbi doing something which everyone knows her for. The subjects in the images are also what I photographed for my still life images so there is a connection between the 5 images.

Image 1)


Working around with depth of field, I was able to slightly blur Shelbi’s face out so that the flower really stood out. I haven’t done it too much so that you can’t tell who it is or that it isn’t a portrait. This emphasises Shelbi’s personality both for the positive colours and her interestes.


Image 2)

This image was taken at an everso slightly higher vantage point than image 1. It also isn’t as zoomed in. This works as you can see as a whole what is going on in the frame. Just like image 1, but with different framing and focussing.


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