Task 2: Rethink post tutorial

On Friday 10th May, I had a tutorial with Matt Johnston and a few fellow course mates. This was to discuss my current ideas for 152MC. When talking about my plans for task 2, I realised that I don’t think they will work too well. I hadn’t put too much though into it. The locations I wanted to photograph, people necessarily couldn’t relate to or realise why I was photographing that particular space. So I have begun thinking about public spaces which everyone knows about which has obvious human presence left behind.

Coventry Cathedral is one of the most popular landmarks in Coventry which has an important piece of history behind it. During the Second World War, Coventry Cathedral was bombed and some of it’s ruins still stand today. These ruins represent the disaster back in 1940. They are whats left of what happened, and shows the presence of those who were involved.

I thought this would tie in well with the brief of task 2 due to the fact it is showing what is left of something. It also attracts a lot of people. Those interested in what happened to the Cathedral etc so there is usually quite a lot of people there looking around. I will photograph when there is nobody there which will cause a contrast between the usual busy area to the quiet ruins devoid of human presence. Due to the ruins, I think with no one around, I am hoping the images will appear quite eery.

To aid me in this, I will do some more research of the cathedral ruins.


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