Task 3: Inspirational Photographers and Research

In task 3, I am to shoot 3 still life images which include objects which reflect my chosen person. As soon as I saw we had to create images like this, 1 photographer came in mind. Irving Penn shot a lot of still life work of random objects. This is good as I plan to use random objects in my photos, yet these that represent someone.

Irving Penn

He is best known for his fashion, portrait and still life work. He has a broad aspect of work. He also worked for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar which shows how successful he was.

His still life work included a variety of subjects. This is why I have chose to use his work as a base point for my work.

Technique: The lighting in this really enhances the object. With my still life photos, I want a lighting set up which will really highlight parts to add a creative aesthetic to it. With this, where the cheese has melted, it allows it go reflect the light. If I want to create a similar effect to show where the light has hit, I could use a reflective object!

Technique: With this image, I believe this is the type of object which easily represents someone. A photo like this will for example represent someone that smokes. This could be done with say a bottle of drink to reprsent someones favourite drinks.

Technique: I could use multiple objects in one photo, however, it is hard to see the message and the link between these 3 objects. Lighting wise, with this set up, you can see a slight shadow which tells the viewer where abouts the lighting has come from.



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