Experimenting with lighting inside

We spent a few hours in the studio experimenting with the skills we had previously learnt. We also shot some still life images.

This first image, we lit the background to allow it to be really white. We shot this with the following set up:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 21.46.28



With the following image, we turned off the backlight. It was interesting to see how a white background can turn gray due to the f stop used.




I shot this next image in the white infinity cove. For lighting, I used one light with a soft box to create a soft even light throughout the cove to create a floating effect.




IMG_5724 2


Where the light is reflecting off the glass, you can see that the light was positioned slightly to the left of the subject.

The following image was taken using the same light but with the can on a black chair. the can is silver, yet due to the reflections, you can see various colours from around the room.



The following images were taken in the same environment yet we used blue and orange gels.



The orange gel on the following image has enhanced the gold colour of the perfume bottle



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