Six mug shots of Lindsay Lohan provided by law enforcement agencies from over the years during her brushes with the law. Top row: 24 July 2007, 15 November 2007, 20 July 2010. Bottom row: 24 September 2010, 19 October 2011 and 19 March 2013


The reason I have included the above image in this post is due to the fact I have quite a strong opinion it it. How the collage shows 6 mugshots of the same person, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s a good example of skilled photography. The person who shot the individual photographs I imagine has some knowledge on photography, whereas whoever but this together did not actually take the photos.


An aerial view of the diplomatic area in Doha, Qatar


This photo really stood out for me in this weeks article as I think it is truly beautiful! The image almost looks photoshopped. It looks slightly unrealistic, however, we know it’s real due to what the photo is of. I really love how there is such a dramatic different in landscape in such a small space. There is also a gradient of colours as they fade from being quite bold to bland further into the distance.


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