152MC Easter Work Brief

Working with light
Easter break Homework
This module is designed to build on the knowledge required within 150MC &
151MC. It will expand on your creative & professional practice skills, through a
series of short location and studio based assignmenttasks.
You will be required to demonstrate your understanding of pre-visualisation and
ability to control natural and a range of artificial lighting techniques.
To support you for this module you have 3 tasks to do over the Easter break
1 – Make a working pinhole camera. This will need to be operational and
brought with you on the first day of the module.

Be imaginative with your creation!!!
2 –Research and collect a minimum of 10 interesting uses of light within
photography/painting (or other areas you feel are appropriate). Articulate
in your sketchbook/blog why you find them interesting and what affect the
light has on your emotional response to the image.
You will need to have this task prepared for the beginning of next term.
3 – Source and bring to the first class at 3-5 portable red objects for use in a
still life set up


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