Assignment 1: Critical Reflection

When I was first handed this brief with the themes to work with, I did originally struggle as to which one I would work around. After creating a mind map with potential ideas, I initially wanted to work around ‘Representing another culture’ As where I live there is a variety of shops which can be related to this and I thought I could make this into an interesting series. However, I wasn’t really feeling motivated by this and struggled to think which text it would fit with. I began panicking as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to work enthusiastically to create a body of work I felt passionate about.

After a tutorial with Caroline, we discussed a different approach I could go in. I began looking into City Regeneration and after reading A means of Surveillance: Tagg, I figured that this could work.

For a starting point I looked at photographers who had worked in a similar style and got in contact with Michael Collins and Matt Livey. They gave me some really useful feedback which can be found under the Assignment 1 Category on this blog. I also looked into the work of Mark Power which I have recently had a talk from and learnt about his ‘Superstructure’ work which was of great use as it was of similar theme.

When it came to making a book, Making a physical book was the most inconvenient due to costs, but I was determined to push this aside to create what I knew I really wanted. The reason I wanted to create a physical book was due to the fact that I always prefer my images to be viewed physically as opposed to on a screen as I feel much more can be noticed and it’s more personal.

I shot all my photos in Birmingham. This was great as there is a lot of work going on in the city at the moment. Especially with the Library being built and the modifications to Birmingham New Street Station

In total, I took over 200 photos. I managed to narrow this down to 12 by carefully analysing each photo and seeing which portrayed my intentions best. When it came to sequencing my book, I think I went in the right direction. I feel the order works well as there are no distractions or any images that are out of place.
If I was to remake my book, I would create a back page. In honesty, I didn’t think about a back cover. I was too focused on what to include and the front page.

I think my images work well under the theme of City Regeneration. They show the process and all the images are of a similar context. If I was to reshoot this project, I would look into focussing on more research.
At first I was struggling to link my work with my chosen text, but once I broke the text down I managed to pick out key parts. I think I did this quite well considering I found it very hard to read.



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