Assignment 1: Statement of Intent

For Assignment 1, I have focused on City Regeneration. To help me move forward with my ideas, I looked at the following photographers:

  • Michael Collins
  • Matt Livey
  • Mark Power
  • Andreas Gursky

I found Michael Collins and Matt Livey of great use as they both spoke to me personally with some useful information. I referred to Power’s superstructure project and Gursky’s large format work as this is how I would love my work to be printed.
After my research and planning what I wanted to do, I set out on a test shoot, this has let me knowing exactly what I want to shoot.

I am going to head back to Birmingham and also look round Coventry in search of construction sites. My main aim is to include different lines, colours and subjects as in my test shoots, this worked really well and created interest to the image. When shooting my images, I am going to work in an imaginary square frame as I am going to crop my images once I have shot them. The reason I am going to crop them as a square as with my test images, I experimented with this and I thought the images looked much better like this.

I am going to create a physical book as I believe my images need to be seen up close due to the detail I hope to include. What paper I will use, I am unsure yet. I will visit the print bureau once I have my final images and chose the paper there.


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