Assignment 1: Response from Matt Livey

Hi Emilie


Thanks for your mail.


Before I became a photographer I worked in construction at a large architectural practice. I’ve was always been interested in how things are put together and for 5-6 years I produced drawings that assisted in the construction process. When I moved over to photography I retained this fascination with construction by photographing projects at various stages within the build. I spend many days in the year on construction sites and always manage to find elements that are striking or graphic in nature which are often covered up when the building is complete! I was fortunate enough to document the construction of the Burberry HQ in London a few years ago and produced a series of images which often revealed the beauty within the existing structure plus unusual elements of the refurbishment process. Some of the images are on my site (which is going to be relaunched in the next few weeks!).


Thanks again for your interest in my work and good luck with your project.


Kind regards


Again another useful handful of information from a photographer who knows exactly what they are on about. Am really starting to feel confident about this project now.


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