Assignment 1: Expansion of ideas

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 23.15.31

Regeneration can include building new things or just modification to previous buildings. I have created a mind map of several directions I could go in.


Creating this has sparked off another idea. Aswell as receiving an email back from Michael Collins today this has inspired me to visit more places for this work. Aswell as Collins’ mentioning it to me, a friend did too, the fact that Birmingham will be an inspirational place at the moment due to the new library being built. This weekend I am going to take time out to visit this and see if it is strong enough to work with.

So far the ideas that have stuck out the most are construction sites. I don’t want to just create a common construction site photograph which is why I am going to visit Birmingham first to see what I can work with.

Another Idea I have had is how buildings are modernised. This includes museums that attract tourists, which then leads on to generate more money and tourism which can be used for renovation of the building. There are also many old buildings that due to years of use, have no got modern features. For example, Coventry Cathedral still has it’s ruins aswell as a modern rebuild next to it.

To decide which idea I am going to go with, I am going to visit these places this weekend and see which is strongest.


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