What is City Regeneration?

City Regeneration is the system of redevelopment in urban places. This has it’s negatives and positives. A positive is that it can reduce the amount of traffic in the city. By replacing or constructing new roads, this allows people to get to places quicker with less congestion.  City Regeneration has an important role in urban landscapes all over the world. Regeneration can include building new things or just modification to previous buildings.


The history of City Regeneration

This process dates back as early as city development and began when people began to notice the conditions of the city and how it could be improved. London, New York and Paris were affected by the industrial revolution so a renewal of the city was required. This helped form it’s people.

In 1853, Baron Haussmann began research into a redevelopment of Paris which lasted about 20 years. His reconstruction gave Paris what it has today; it’s wide boulevards with cafes and shops on such long straight roads.






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