Assignment 2: Organising/Scripting

In order to be organised it want I want to film, I created a script first of all in which my interviewees will use as a guideline so I am not without the footage that is being spoken about.  I am going to ask a couple of brief questions and have at least a few of the following answers

‘What is so great about London?’

There’s always something to do, If you want great entertainment there are many shows, gigs all over the city every day. There are also thousands of shops and many shopping centers so you have no problem when looking for something you need.
If you fancy seeing the latest exhibition by your favourite artist, that can be done to with the many galleries all over the city.

It’s really convenient aswell as it is so easy to get to places. There’s the tube which is really fast. The buses which allow you to get a sense of the city. If you’re feeling adventurous you can take out one of the Barclays bikes to ride to work. Or even take a relaxing journey along the river thames.

In the summer, it’s great to go to places like Hyde Park for the day. It attracts people from all over. Whether it be for picnics, walks round the park, for gigs, Hyde Park is the place to be in the Summer. The recent London 2012 also held the triathlon here too which attracted thousands of people globally. It’s great as there is so much life here with everyone doing their own thing.

‘What makes London different from other cities?’

Something that makes London different from other cities is the amount of tourists it attracts. Being the capital city, you can imagine how busy it gets. There are always many people wanting to get close up to Big Ben, have a ride and see London from the Eye, get photos next to Aros statue in Picadilly Circus, See the fountains and Nelsons Colum in Trafalgar Square, Visit Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and so much more!

Why do you like living in London?

It’s such a great city as there is always something going on and you can never be bored. There is so much life. The main reason.

The interviewee here can then go into their own opinions. 


Now I have planned what I want to ask, I need to plan when I am going to go to London to interview my chosen people. I am aiming to go about 4 times to ensure that I get all the required footage and plenty to work with. This way, I wont run out and have to panic about fitting in another journey to London in. I am going to visit London February 13th early morning, film all day and then stay over so that I can be up and around London by early the next morning and then come back on the 14th, I am going to pay another visit the 16th and stay over again. This way I have 4 full days in London to film everything I need to, including interviews.


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