The Observer’s Twenty Photographs of the week: 2nd February 2013

Dieu Nalio Cherry took a remarkable set of photographs of snake handler Saintilus Resilus during pre-Lenten Carnival celebrations in Petionville, Haiti. Here, he talks to his assistants as they get ready to perform

This image stuck out for me due to the colours. The boldness of the reds used are really striking! Also the facial expression, how his eyes draw you in through a look of shock. This is a key factor within a portrait I think, being able to connect in some way with the model.


And in this picture he performs with a snake wrapped around his face
In another photograph by Goran Tomasevic in the Ain Tarma part of Damascus, a man walks in front of a blazing building after a Syrian air force strike

This photo was one of my favourites this week due to the emotion, the effects and the story behind the image. The dark silhouette of the man with his head down really makes you feel for him due to the lonely surroundings as the building burns. This photograph almost looks like a still from a movie.

Women stand in the courtyard of their house destroyed by a French airstrike in Lere, Mali

Another good use of colour in this image. The brightness of the materials almost contradicts the emotion of the two people in the images. You can see the pain on their face as their house has been destroyed.

Bahraini Shia Muslim women gather for a demonstration against the death of a child in the village of Daih. The child, Qassim Habib Marzooq, died in hospital after respiratory complications. His relatives claim his death is due to the inhalation of teargas fired by riot police

Another portrait which I really like is this above. The use of depth of field and dark colours draw you in to the expressions of the girl as she looks up with bereavement.



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