Cameraless Photography tasks.

After the lecture on Cameraless Photography held by Caroline Malloy, we were given three tasks in which we had to chose 2 to complete before or on Tuesday 29th January. These were:

  • To create a collage using found imagery which shows the viewer what I like to do in my spare time
  • Using Google Earth and Photoshop, make a poster/map of my journey from hom to uni, highlighting 3 points of interest on route.
  • Create a photogram which illustrates me.

In my spare time, I created the following poster.

Using two prints screens of the start of my journey and the end of my journey, these create the background. I took the digital route to see if anything of interest stood out. I found and included the following imagery.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 19.56.22

I included this image as it shows the billboard which is no longer there and also a small bar. These have now been replaced with a car park.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 19.57.21

Going with the theme of change, I included this as this no longer looks the same. The traffic lights are no longer there as there is now a roundabout.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 19.57.59

Opposite the Ellen Terry building is now The Hub. In 2008 when these images were taken, this is how this area looked.


Including all these together, I also added an image of the route on top to the right of the poster. I erased all the irrelevant roads and just kept the route I took.

The second task I chose was to create the photogram as I have had experience with these for a few years but haven’t created any in a while.

I created the following photograms with 5 objects. My main ambition in life is to travel and take photographs which is what the camera, negative and boat represent. The boat and camera are both necklaces. The set of keys show that this dream is a precious one of mine and like a set of keys, I don’t want to lose this. The watch is a precious item that my best friend gave me.

The first image is the test strip just to make sure I used the right amount of light exposure.

The second image is the straight photogram I produced.

The third image is the photogram I created my exposing my paper to my phone light

The third image is the photogram I created and with the developing process, I painted on the developer as opposed to sinking it.

1 2 3 4


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