Assignment 2: Ideas

I have had a few ideas spinning around my head for particular themes that I could base my still film on.

I have a couple of ideas of filming a hobby of my own, that being gymnastics and cheerleading, or focussing on a hobby of a friends. In mind, I have the current idea of my friend who has a successful time playing Ice Hockey. I think both of these would be really great to focus on as it would be full of action and there will be many people around to talk to which will be included in the film.

As I have always been into time lapse videos, I am wanting to create one myself. I was thinking about doing this at one of my favourite locations, this being, London. Within this I could include why it is my favourite place and also talk to people who live there about life in London. To create this I will need a lot of long footage to then slow down to create a time lapse effect.

Someone I could focus on could be my Nanny. She is ver inspirational to me as she is a very strong woman. She has been through a lot in her life, and creating a kind of documentary based on her life, the things she has been through with imagery from the past could work well. I could include information from back when she worked as a wren in World War 2, right up until the present day having to cope with the loss of her husband of 62 years.


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