Tuesday 8th January 2013. Introduction to 151MC Creative Digital Practice.

In Todays lecture, we were shown many different kinds of moving image. I’d never really had much knowledge to these kinds of videos, but after watching a few, I was really looking forward to progressing further.

We were first shown a French film, La Jetée (1962). It is directed by Chris Marker and set in post World War III. It focuses on history, memory and time travel.

NY Times Photofilms

The NY Times Photofilms are created to depict New York as a city of culture. In the above link shows the life of many different people in different short photofilms. All are narrated by the main person in question.


DuckRabbit is a website created by a digital training company in which commercial/charity and broadcast films are published by audio/visual specialists. The following is my favourite short film from the portfolio.

I love the combination or music, imagery and narration and how it all fits well together and there are no distrations.

Between the Birds

The camera work in ‘Between the Birds’ is really carefully thought out. Simon Cecilie Grytter shot and directed this short film and documents the community of birdwatchers. She uses great camera work which allows the frame to include some out of focus and in focus subjects.

Simon Warren SortedTV: Food Busking

This short film is definitely my favourite out of all of the above. The camera work is fantastic. How there are so many different frames and angles yet this doesn’t cause a distraction and isn’t too dramatic.

Philip Bloom

As well as a videographer, Bloom also created video tutorials on how he works and creates short films.

This time lapse video is another favourite of mine. Time Lapse videos I find really fascinating. Being able to see change from a long period of time over a matter of minutes allows you to see so much. This inspires me to want to create a similar video!

From looking at work from the above, this has given me ideas how how I want to shoot my film. This includes techniques to do with angles, framing, audio and the visual.


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