The Observer’s Twenty photographs of the week: 29th December 2012

Every week, I check the following,

I do this as it publishes photos from around the world, which is the style of photography I am interested in the most. I always have my favourite photos, but from the new year, I am going to start reviewing the 20 photographs of the week and posting my favourites to my blog.

29th December 2012

Afghan refugee Ghulam Mohammed, 95, sits by the roadside on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. Ghulam took refuge in Pakistan after fleeing four months ago from the north-eastern Afghan city of Kunduz

When I saw this photo, it struck me right away. The man in the image, Ghulam Mohammed looks so content with his situation as he looks into the camera. A good use of depth of field is being used as the background is slightly out of focus and the main subject is really sharp which draws you in even more. The colours within this image are all very mild and fit well together.

These guns have been handed in by their owners during a Los Angeles Police Department amnesty following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school. People receive $200 grocery vouchers for automatic weapons and $100 for shotguns, handguns and rifles

When I saw this image, I thought not only was it a great photograph but the story behind it was really touching. Due to recent events of the traumatic shooting in Connecticut, People who owned a gun handed it into Los Angeles Police Department in respect and in return received shopping vouchers. In this image, you can tell that some sort of flash is used as the pile of guns is lit up compared to the rest of the image. When looking at this image, it makes you think that it must be for the good, as it is better to see the guns like this as opposed to in someones hand.

Leon Neal photographs the Christmas carol service from the whispering gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral

I really love this photo that was taken over Christmas. My symmetry in this image is fantastic, how the photographer has framed it really draws you in to the centre, the pattern on the floor. This image also has great perspective in the sense that you can see directly down, but also far into the distance aswell. This photograph would look it’s best printed to a large size.


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