Homage to a Precious Object

For this task, We were to photograph something precious to us. The way I approached this was that nothing is more precious than family and the ones who love you. I know my family are not exactly an ‘object’ but they are the most precious thing to me.

I shot the images for this work on digital using a Nikon D90 and also a Mamiya 7. I am not too pleased with either sets of my images. The negatives  I got from the 120 film were all out of focus which I am confused as to why as when I took the photos, they looked in focus. I am going to look further into this to make sure it doesn’t happen again. As for my digital images, Some are slightly out of focus and blurred due to movement. I also don’t think the images reflect the preciousness.

I shot these images in black and white and I always feel that this represents a more delicate feel to an image. As my family being a very precious thing to me. I thought the black and white would work well.

Ashleigh, Twin Brother, Father, Mother.
Twin Brother, James.
Unborn Nephew, Oakley-James.
Father and Mother, David and Jane.
Mother, Jane
Ashleigh, Twin Brother, Mother, Father
Ashleigh, Twin Brother, Unborn Nephew

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